Born in Paris and resident of Brussels, with the occasional flirtation with Zagreb, Niknaz is an Iranian artist whose work is shaped largely by what she sees and feels living between cultures.

Currently a student of painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, she also completed a year in textile design at the Tehran University of Art, in addition to prior studies in animation.

While studying in Brussels, she felt a vast disparity between authentic Persian identity and the perception of Persian culture in Western media. The stereotypical, and often ignorant, portrayals of her homeland, her generation and the role of women in Iranian society form the subjective basis of her art. She also contemplates the standards and clichés surrounding female beauty advocated by modern society, often using social networks as a medium. The concepts of beauty and femininity, as defined by each generation and culture, are subjects that she engages with on a daily basis.

Outside Iran, she is unmistakably Iranian, yet in Iran she is perceived as neither here nor there – a bit French, a bit Iranian. As such, she has always found drawing to be a place of refuge and a place of belonging.

Through her drawings, illustrations and other means of artistic expression, she aims to bring her imagination into the world, and to influence public discourse surrounding Iranian and millennial identity, conventions of beauty and gender, and her mother country Iran, among other subjects.

2019 • Open days group exhibition at Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels / Belgium

2016 • « Tajrobeh » group exhibition at Arasbaran Art Gallery – Tehran / Iran

2014 • Elected sixth in the Khwarizmi International Award festival in illustration – Iran

2014 • Life drawing group exhibition at Mahe Mehr Gallery, Tehran / Iran

2014 • « Tamasha Khamoush » solo show of illustration at Mohsen Gallery, Tehran / Iran