Persian rugs are among the dominant artistic influences in my work. The patterns, colors and symbols present in the designs, and also in the philosophy of the rug, form a representation of an ideal, and in essence, divine world, whereas imperfection is more characteristic of mankind.

In my installation “Persian Paradise,” my intention was to make a representation of Paradise. Most Persian rugs contain scenes of Persian gardens, or in a larger context, paradise itself.  These rugs, which Persians traditionally use in their homes, contain illustrations of paradise to serve as a way to “bring paradise into the abode. “

Creating a mobile and modifiable installation was important to me. And so I designed the installation ensemble using pieces of paper, which have the possibility of being adjusted so as to so as to move like a puzzle. This flexibility allows the freedom to alter the work , to be at once either an installation on the ground, or a painting on the wall.

The pink floral pattern on the ground represents the garden. I used the patterns and the structure of Iranian rugs as inspiration. The installation on the ground, the rug, represents Time (eternity) and the drawing on the wall represents space (the universe), a powerful connection between the earth and the heavens. This ensemble creates a marvelous space, my own interpretation of Paradise.