Legal Studies Resources

The services listed below offer a variety of plans that help improve the search for primary legal documents, although they have fewer search features than premium legal databases. Also, although these products offer Citators, the update features are not the same as Shepards, Keycite, or BCite. The following resources can support the career advancement of paralegals, lawyers and lawyers. Learn more about supporting paralegals, minorities in the legal field and more below. There are many different aspects of the law that need to be studied. When it comes to choosing a degree, you may be faced with a variety of specializations and different types of degrees. Learn more about how to choose your legal specialization or degree below. There are many up-to-date online legal research guides, many of which have been written by librarians at universities and public law libraries. In addition to the George Mason Law Library`s research guides, other recommended sources for the research guides include: links to legal legislation and information, including federal statutes, court notices, contracts, dictionaries and legal journals, and copyright information.

See Bibliography of Legal Resources for a selection of related documents available in ALIC. Please refer to the Library`s International Law Research Guide under “Other Online Resources” for additional resources. Earning a law degree or law degree can allow you to develop your career in a number of areas. Learn more about some of the possible careers in law and law below. These sources limit web search to legal resources. Please also see the library`s Virginia Legal Materials Research Guide for information on Virginia`s free resources. At Online Master of Legal Studies, we aim to provide prospective law students and other lawyers with a comprehensive resource to answer their questions about law degree programs, law schools, degree programs, and careers. Also Included In: Medical Legal Law Bundle Public Health Joan River`s Right to Die Prospective law students are likely required to pass an entrance exam and bar exam before being admitted if they practice law. Learn more about these exams, the Bar Association and the Faculty of Law below.