Legal Responsibilities Meaning

Legal responsibility is the right to have and make decisions about a child`s well-being and development. Both parents are legally responsible for their child, unless the responsibility is the fact or the state of responsibility. It is the state of being responsible, accountable or liable, as with a trust, debt or obligation. The term has many other meanings such as reliability, reliability, loyalty, fidelity, efficiency, competence, righteousness, firmness, stability, ability, responsibility, responsibility, guilt, obligation, trust, office and duty. For example, if A is responsible for certain tasks, this means that A must justify the actions, consequences of the actions, and situations related to that task to a recipient. The person responsible is responsible for his own acts and, under certain conditions, also for the acts of other persons for whom he is vicariously responsible. For example, employers are responsible for certain actions of their employees. Example: Mr. Brown and his ex-wife, Ms. Black, have a court order detailing custody arrangements for their children.

The court order states that children have contact with their father alternately on weekends and during half of the school holidays as well as Father`s Day. Children must have contact with their mother on Mother`s Day. The legal liability of children may be considered jointly and severally liable, since the court order does not provide otherwise. Reference: SSAct Section 5(2) Dependent child under 16 Powered by Black`s Law Dictionary, Free 2nd ed., and The Law Dictionary. Reference: Guide SS 1.1.C.380 Custody Order, Court Order with Custody Order “They have great service and I will definitely spread the word. Guide FA 1.1.P.17 Parental Responsibility, 1.1.P.19 Education Order, 1.1.P.20 Education Plan, 1.1.P.21 Education Plan (registered).